Fitness & Weight Loss

Our gym in Westminster has a large variety of cardio equipment, cable machines, and free weights.  We have everything you need to lose weight, add a little muscle and get in the best shape of your life!

Weight Loss

Resitance training and cardio.

Add Some Muscle

Weight Training.

Come work with our free weights, cable machines and cardio equipment to burn calories and lose unwanted body fat.

Whether you want to pack on some size, or you want to “tone” your body, you are looking to gain some muscle.  There is no better place to add muscle than Musclemine.

Strength Training | Powerlifting | Strongman

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Strength Training

Strength training for athletes


Become powerful


Train & join our strongman team

Our gym in Westminster has specialized equipment to train all type of athletes.  Come flip tires, lift weights and improve your overall athletic performance.

We have a variety of specialized bars, bands, chains and other equipment for powerlifting.

You don’t have to be 300 or 300 lbs to compete in strongman.  We have many teammates that compete well under 200 lbs.  Come train for functional strength!

Do you want to join our growing team?

Musclemine is a great gym for anyone who is trying to improve themselves.  Come take a look and meet our staff and members and judge for yourself!

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